[Review] Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base ~Peach~



Chocochip Salute!

A few days ago I recieve my OS package from reseller Etude House.
I just love Etude House Sweet Recipe Series.
I was so excited about it.

Wanna Be Sweet? XD



Well, the box is pretty cute XD It’s decorated with creamy puffs. Looks so yummy :D’
OMG! I miss my mom’s cream puffs >.< My mom is the best cream puff baker in the world ^o^b
But, it is too big 😦 It needs a lot of space in my cludge 😦

I got it on IDR 160k.
bcb3It has creamy smoothie texture just like cream puff.
It’s smelled peach alike and the color is peach. *Woohoo peachy mania*
I hope I never put it on my toast [lol] *looney me*
bcb4bcb5Actually I have semi dark tone skin and a little acne on my face.
Why I didn’t choose Mint?
I choosed Peach because my skin tone is semi dark and no redness skin although I have acne on my face.
Don’t apply too much on your face. You will be looked so pale and make-up disaster. *NO*

~ It’s smelled alike Peach.
~ Match with my skin tone.
~ A little pricey but affordable.
~ It has spade to pick-up the cream.
~ So far there’s no problem on my skin face.

Packaging has nothing special apperance.

Purchase again: Maybe yes.

Product Rating: 4/5


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