[Review] Cokelat Monggo Main Shop & Factory + Cokelat Monggo ~Marzipan~

monggo happy easter

Here I am! Chocochip Salute!

This is Cokelat Monggo. It’s a brand of chocolate bar product in Yogyakarta.

It’s really famous with its kinds of flavor especially Indonesian traditional flavor such as chili, ginger, DURIAN *my favorite*, etc.

I had visited Cokelat Monggo Main Shop & Factory on Lent (Pra-Easter).

The decoration was Easter’s theme. I grabbed my cellphone and take a picture *click* 🙂

monggo etalase

Yeahhey~~ This is the etalase looked like.

I’m so sorry that I didn’t take what kind of product they sell in the etalase 😥

I was so exhauted to taste the tester~~ muehehehe XDmonggo bagpack

After I was taking some fatty creamy chocolate tester, I bought marzipan flavor and durian flavor.

But, for this post I will review Marzipan Flavor.

2013-04-04 19.03.09

2013-04-04 19.03.40

2013-04-04 19.04.04

2013-04-03 18.43.08

Packaging is good. There’s expired date. Marzipan flavor has purple color for its packaging.

It’s 58% Dark Chocolate and Cacao with Marzipan.

As we known that marzipan is almond pasta. But, it’s not totally almond pasta taste.

It’s alike cherry ripe that I dislike (ㅠ.ㅠ)

Why they call it marzipan flavor? Why don’t they call it cherry flavor?


~ Packaging is good.

~ Bagpack’s color is so classic and easy to carry on.

~ Chocolate texture is so smooth and yummy.


It’s not marzipan flavor. It’s cherry flavor.

Buy again: NO!

Product Rating: 1/5


Cokelat Monggo

tel: +62 274 7102202 – fax: +62 274 373192

PT Anugerah Mulia Sentosa

Jalan Dalem KG III / 978 RT 043 RW 10
Kel. Purbayan Kotagede 55173 Yogyakarta Indonesia

PT Anugerah Mulia Indobel
Jalan Dalem KG III / 978A RT 043 RW 10
Kel. Purbayan Kotagede 55173 Yogyakarta Indonesia



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