[CF] 치킨매니아 by SHINHWA + MID (My Imaginary Dialogue)

새우 : “I got a boy~ 치킨!!!! I got a boy~ 치킨!!!!”

치킨 : “Stop it! Stupid! Stop your epic April Fool.”

새우 : “Yeah~ I should not to tell you about it. Damn!”

치킨 : “Hahahahaha”


Well… well… I know that bored dialogue I made is soever you called it I dont’ care haha

I’m just made it because I inspired by watching Shinhwa’s new CF that you can watch the video above ^^

Ok~~ Hmm~~ By the way…

It’s April.

Some people say it with April Fool and I love fooling around lol

It’s been a while I didn’t post since I’d got hectic schedule for preparing my graduation and doing some part-time jobs.

*I’m a jobless person now T^T*

Recently I’m so addicted with chocholate again. I’m starting to collect make-up too.

*what happen to me (o.O) NO!*

All about chocolate. Until my make-up series turn into chocolate too.

Next post may be I will post more about chocolate related. I hope you aren’t sick of it.

Good Luck 🙂


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