[Review] Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base ~Peach~



Chocochip Salute!

A few days ago I recieve my OS package from reseller Etude House.
I just love Etude House Sweet Recipe Series.
I was so excited about it.

Wanna Be Sweet? XD



Well, the box is pretty cute XD It’s decorated with creamy puffs. Looks so yummy :D’
OMG! I miss my mom’s cream puffs >.< My mom is the best cream puff baker in the world ^o^b
But, it is too big 😦 It needs a lot of space in my cludge 😦

I got it on IDR 160k.
bcb3It has creamy smoothie texture just like cream puff.
It’s smelled peach alike and the color is peach. *Woohoo peachy mania*
I hope I never put it on my toast [lol] *looney me*
bcb4bcb5Actually I have semi dark tone skin and a little acne on my face.
Why I didn’t choose Mint?
I choosed Peach because my skin tone is semi dark and no redness skin although I have acne on my face.
Don’t apply too much on your face. You will be looked so pale and make-up disaster. *NO*

~ It’s smelled alike Peach.
~ Match with my skin tone.
~ A little pricey but affordable.
~ It has spade to pick-up the cream.
~ So far there’s no problem on my skin face.

Packaging has nothing special apperance.

Purchase again: Maybe yes.

Product Rating: 4/5

[Review] ~Etude House~ Falling in Sweet :)

haul sweet recipeChocochip Salute!

I’m back again with Etude House product.
2 products are Sweet Recipe and an eye primer

1. Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base ~Peach~
2. Sweet Recipe Choco Chip Cookie Pact
3. Proof 10 Eye Primer

I will review this product in the next post.
So~ keep reading! 🙂



[Chord] Lee HI – Rose


Lee HI

Em – A – D – Bm

Em – A – Bm -D


Hello~~ Chocochip Salute!

Recently I often listen to Lee HI’s “Rose”.

I love the song and the music.

So, I tried to play it on my guitar and accidently I found the chord.

I’m not a guitarist pro. I’m an amateur.

I just play it as long as I can play with basic chord.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Chord found by me (advenascence.wordpress.com)


[Poetry] Cafe with No Name

Cafe with No Name

Across the street
Through the worn brown frame
I saw a place
Keeping all stories of people

When they’re sad…
When they’re happy…
Shinning out from their faces

When they feel thirsty…
When they feel hungry…
They will be relief

Strongly sunlight…
Heavy rain…
Take a shelter comfortly…

The reflection of rainbow…
The starlight…
Decorated the beutiful of
Cafe with No Name

At cheerful morning
Door and windows are opened
The broom and the duster are starting to dance
then the story begin

Back from school
Back from office
Exhaution is losing out

Saturday night
A holiday
Full of love and happiness

The smiles
and the tears
are flew away to the sky high

are always being the end  of a story.

-Advena Victoria-